Newsletter July 24

Dear Friends of the Copenhagen Baroque Festival,

Musical Stories is this year’s theme for the Copenhagen Baroque Festival. Stories that unfold in our minds as we listen to the concerts, stories that we are reminded of as we sit in Rosenborg Castle surrounded by Renaissance tapestries, stories that are read aloud during the concerts, and float between fantasy and reality – dreams and visions, images in our minds – imaginative musical stories.

We hope it will all inspire the audience to unleash their imagination and let their thoughts flow wherever they may in the moment for each listener. We envision the entire festival as a journey through a beautiful garden where each concert reveals different flowers and fragrant roses – where musicians and audience feel at home and safe – a sense of security that creates space for the flight of fantasy.

We have just opened ticket sales, and the final program can be found right here, on this website. In this newsletter, we aim to provide an overview of the festival’s program, present our collaboration with actress Ellen Hillingsø, and highlight two of the city’s historic venues to set the stage for the concerts held there.

Thank you for reading along!

Festival Opening in a New Venue

In addition to presenting beautiful Baroque music in the heart of Copenhagen, another goal of the Copenhagen Baroque Festival is to raise awareness of architecture and the Baroque spaces of the inner city – and to perform music in surroundings that make it sound even more historical and authentic if possible. We hope that the music will give life and resonance to the buildings and vice versa – that inspiration goes both ways – and that the city’s historic buildings, with the sounding music, take on new meaning for us when we occasionally pass by them in our busy daily lives.

Thus, we are very proud to welcome concerts in some of the inner city’s most iconic buildings for the 6th year – Rosenborg Castle, the Round Tower, and Trinitatis Church – while we are incredibly pleased with a new collaboration that has emerged this year – namely the collaboration with the beautiful Baroque church Our Saviour’s Church in Christianshavn, where we will hold the festival’s opening concerts on Wednesday, September 4th at 7:30 PM and 9:30 PM.

The concert at 7:30 PM honors the patron saint of music, Saint Cecilia, and will take the listener on a musical journey with Orpheus in devoted gratitude and grand tribute to music. We offer an overwhelmingly beautiful concert as the soft perfectly controlled voice of French baritone Marc Mauillon and the sublimely sounding Baroque orchestra Arte dei Suonatori unfold under the musical direction of the exceptionally musical Marcin Świątkiewitz.

After the concert, we invite you to a glass of bubbly, where we can enjoy each other’s and the musicians’ company and celebrate the beginning of the festival. For those who wish to stay longer, there is the next concert at 9:30 PM with Denmark’s sublime pianist Carsten Dahl, who with his magical hands improvises at the piano and creates an intimate and enchanting end to the evening.

Our Saviour’s Church is another of the city’s most famous and cherished landmarks, but when is it actually from…? The church was built during the reign of King Christian V in the 1680s and inaugurated on April 19, 1696. The Order of the Elephant was made the most significant of the Danish orders during Christian V, making the elephant decorations also a significant part of the church’s interior – both in the stucco and on the organ’s impressive front.

We look forward to welcoming you to the festival’s opening and hope you will enjoy both King Christian V’s many monograms, the elephants on the historic original organ front from 1696-1698, the spiraling spire, and the stars in the celestial vault.

Music at Rosenborg

In the heart of Copenhagen, we find another true architectural masterpiece from the 17th century – Rosenborg Castle. Christian IV was behind the construction and loved his Rosenborg so much that he also wished to end his days here. We can vividly imagine what the castle walls have housed over time, both in everyday life and festivities – not least the musical life at the castle.

Many may know about the secret sound channel in the Winter Room, which the King used to impress his guests. With a trapdoor in the floor and a channel to another room where the musicians were, the music would emerge without being seen. Rosenborg also houses a musical furniture piece from 1757 that can play various melodies for flute and harpsichord, as well as trumpet fanfares. And one can’t help but think of Rosenborg as a scenic setting for John Dowland’s melancholic songs.

“At that moment, all the music began, both instrumental and vocal. We listened in amazement to this surprising delight.” – Charles Ogier, First Secretary to the French envoy in Copenhagen, 1634.

During the Copenhagen Baroque Festival, you have the opportunity to experience music in the beautiful Knight’s Hall on two occasions. On Saturday afternoon, we invite you to love songs with the two opera singers Clara Cecilie Thomsen and Kyungil Ko, accompanied by Alon Sariel (lute and theorbo), Reiko Ichise (viola da gamba), and Ellen Hillingsø (narration). And on Sunday afternoon, we return to the time of Christian IV, to the Northern European Renaissance and its music with Bolette Roed (recorder), Reiko Ichise (viola da gamba), and Aureliusz Golinski (violin), with stories told by Trine Heide.

Ellen Hillingsø

We are incredibly pleased to start a collaboration this year with actress Ellen Hillingsø, who will guest several of the festival’s concerts with readings, thereby connecting tones and words in musical stories – “Musical Stories.” Ellen Hillingsø has a voice like summer-warm butter and, with her dramatic involvement, can unfold texts in interplay with the music. Experience Ellen Hillingsø together with Poul and Silene Høxbro in the concert ‘Travelling Tales,’ where she will read some of Heiberg’s travel descriptions, or at the concert ‘Secrets of the Castle’ at Rosenborg Castle with excerpts from the French medieval tale ‘The Romance of the Rose.’

We know that the music, the spaces, and the words can do something special; they can set the imagination in motion, bring history to life, and take us on entirely new adventures. So come and join us in celebrating Copenhagen and its rich musical and architectural heritage!

Ticket Sales

You can now buy tickets for this year’s festival, and as a new feature, we offer season tickets upon request from previous years. See the festival’s concerts and buy tickets here:

The season ticket is valid for almost all festival concerts except the two concerts at Rosenborg Castle on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Separate tickets must be purchased for these concerts. We also offer discounts for students and children under 18 years, who can attend for just 50 DKK. Likewise, the two concerts at Rosenborg Castle are excluded from this discount due to the reduced number of seats at the castle.


Would you like to be part of the festival’s volunteer team, selling tickets at concerts and taking good care of our artists along the way? Then write to and sign up!

Thank you so much for reading this newsletter and supporting the Copenhagen Baroque Festival. We look forward to seeing you for musical stories and great experiences together in September!

Warm regards,

Bolette & Trine

Copenhagen Baroque Festival